IMG Venture Group has an extensive network of investors, financial institution partners, technology resources, management and advisor talent, and industry experts that it will bring to bear for its clients to help accelerate success. 

The networks you build as a start-up can make or break your company. This includes the customers you acquire, investors you partner with, and employees you attract.  Our goal is to help you choose wisely.


Here is what to expect when we work together. 



In our first visits or discussions with the Founders and their team, we strive to understand who they are, their vision, their goals, their business, as well as progress and challenges they have experienced.  Understanding our clients is the most vital step in our process. This phase can take weeks or months and require multiple calls and visits as we strive to learn the venture’s business model, financial structure, systems, processes, management team and possibly even customers. 




We spend dedicated time with our experienced team analyzing what we have learned, with a focus on the product or services, the market or industry they are in, as well as the venture’s progress, issues, competition, and the management team’s operational execution approach. We spend a great deal of time understanding how the venture is executing on its established strategy and goals. We apply our experience to complete our analysis. We are now ready to engage with the Client to share our findings. 




Prior to finalizing a client relationship or engagement, its key for IMG to share its views and analysis with the Founder. This is a critical stage and building block in a trust-based relationship. Often times, Founders will be hearing views, angles, analysis, and “Truth” about their venture and its “status” in a new fresh, straight-forward, and honest way.

This is only IMG’s analysis, but reaching common ground on “where we ARE” against the Founder’s goals is a critical basis to build from. Honest and experienced feedback on the real likelihood a venture has to build value and succeed is often hard to come by.  This is a foundation for IMG Venture Group’s client relationship. It is during this stage that IMG will share a high level view of the strategy we believe will apply to the Founder’s venture and how IMG can help. 




IMG has a wide range of resources, advisors, network, and capabilities, as well as investment capital to assist Founders. Each client engagement is uniquely designed to fit the needs, scope, strategy and vision of the client. We will bring these experiences, network, and capital investment to help our clients succeed. 




IMG Venture Group, once engaged, is focused on and committed to successful results for either an engagement, consulting project, product/service development, sales/marketing strategy, organizational growth, management/board recruiting, or capital investment. We are part of your team for the long-term going forward and will share your vision, strategy and goals for success. We will support and embrace the Founder’s vision as your goals become ours.