We take our values seriously. Our values guide both our business and personal relationships. We are dedicated to the fundamental tenets of honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness. These values will drive long-term trusting relationships with our families, friends, partners and clients. 


Our goal is to build a long-term legacy of success with our clients, employees and shareholders. 


Noun • the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

IMG Venture Group seeks clients sharing common values and ethics. Integrity must be central to IMG, it’s clients and every relationship involved in our ventures. IMG originated with our first consulting company Integrity Management Group (IMG) which was founded in 2001 and supported start-ups and larger enterprise clients for 10 successful years.


Credibility is an external value based on what you can demonstrate, while Integrity is an internal trait based on your belief system. Credibility is often linked to success-based experience, but is not limited to history. Credibility is also gained through an idea, product, or vision that has been measurably accepted in a marketplace. IMG Venture Group specializes in finding credible entrepreneurs and helping them grow their business. 


Credible start-up ventures will have accomplished certain milestones:

  • Have a committed and credible Founder or team
  • Have a market validated product or service with measurable acceptance in their target market
  • Have a proven pricing model backed up by scalable or replicable revenue
  • Have an understanding of depth about their addressable market, including competitors and critical customers
  • Have taken on some form of Founder, friends and family and possibly Angel investing based on a stable business model

Trust, Honesty, & Consistency

Most businesses are profitable by having returning and recurring customers where the ongoing relationships are built on trust.

IMG Venture Group strives to build trusting relationships, but also help its clients accomplish the same in their customer and partner relationships. Honesty is both an internal and external value and when customers believe they are engaged with an honest company, they will give that company their Trust. 

Trust and Honesty always come back to the execution of the company -its product quality, pricing, consistent delivery, and ease of use - and their customer’s perception. There are many critical activities in building these capabilities within a start-up venture and IMG Venture Group is committed to help its clients reach this level of success.



– We Pledge –

To run our business according to both our faith and value system

To be honest in our dealings with others

To deliver what we promise in our relationships

To always be friendly, courteous, and respectful of others

To be fair in dealing with our clients

To be easy to do business with